Consulting Services


Unitek provides the first rate experienced consultants that offer a full suite of professional services to help firms maximise their technology investments from the planning stage to go-live and beyond. Whether you are about to embark on a brand new implementation, looking to derive benefits from existing technology investments or merging with another firm, Unitek has the experience and expertise to help you succeed with your project. Whilst our rates are competitive, our work ethic and results are proven and fast. The question is whether you can keep up with us?


Data Conversion Services


Unitek specialises in all things data. We have world-class expertise to help both firms and software companies to optimise their data conversion requirements and processes.


Changing a financial system can be a daunting and high-pressure challenge for staff. Transferring financial data from an old legacy system to a new financial system sounds easy enough, but the intricacies and complexities involved can make or break a project. In many project, finance, business support and IT teams have never been involved such transfer of data.


Unitek has transferred & converted data for small and large firms, local or multinational firms and from one single source system or multiple source systems to one new system.


Unitek has proven expertise to aid, guide and patiently support your team to:


  Scope & map data conversion requirements.

  Transform & change data from old structures to new structures before loading.

  Transfer & convert data.

  Reconcile and validate data.


Our experience and expertise provides a reassurance for an accurate and successful transfer of data from the old to the new system.


Reporting Services




Our consultants are here to help your organisation in providing Reporting Services Implementation, Report Development and Support. We work with your business to assess and devise strategies best suited for your data reporting needs. We develop appropriate visual representations of processes and performances, development and deployment of dashboards. Our Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) expert knowledge will provide your business with both traditional, paper reports and interactive, Web-based reports (also on Azure) that will deliver to you and your organisation real-time information to aid daily functions and drive business decisions.


Integration Services




Unitek Systems provides your business with specialist SQL Server Integration Services SSIS) solutions, from ‘Standard’ to ‘Enterprise’ editions. We are dedicated to assist in building high performance data integration solutions that will solve your difficult business glitches by using Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) development to achieve this.

Contact us to discuss your projects moving forward with:


  • Development of Extract, Transform and Load processes

  • Data Quality and Cleansing

  • DTS to SSIS Migration

  • Optimisation of SSIS

  • Management of data governance and compliance

  • Master Data Management

  • Integration of data from multiple data sources.