Unitek Systems USA Inc. was created in 2014 to provide the Global Virtual Bridge ™, spanning the Pacific from Asia to Los Angeles across the US to New Jersey and spanning the Atlantic to the UK. This Joint Venture R&D began in 2013 with Unitek partnering with NYIColocation America, Host-it, and Stallard Technologies; having dedicated secure rackspace in USA-LA, USA-NJ, GBR-MK. The GVB provides our global client's the network and hardware required for today and tomorrow, optimising our client's offices globally.


Unitek offers its clients the concept of a Private Cloud and Private Global Networks. Regardless of what party owns the physical servers, the hard drives can be owned by our Clients. Ownership of the Hard Drives adds to the argument of ownership of the data. A Private Cloud which utilises a GVB is required in today's world when it comes to Globalisation.


Cloud Services dedicated to Law firms:  


  • VM's on shared disks
  • VM's on dedicated disks
  • Physical Servers and Disks