Data Conversion Services


Unitek specialises in all things data. We have world-class expertise to help both firms and software companies to optimise their data conversion requirements and processes.


Changing a financial system can be a daunting and high-pressure challenge for staff. Transferring financial data from an old legacy system to a new financial system sounds easy enough, but the intricacies and complexities involved can make or break a project. In many project, finance, business support and IT teams have never been involved such transfer of data.


Unitek has transferred & converted data for small and large firms, local or multinational firms and from one single source system or multiple source systems to one new system.


Unitek has proven expertise to aid, guide and patiently support your team to:


  Scope & map data conversion requirements.

  Transform & change data from old structures to new structures before loading.

  Transfer & convert data.

  Reconcile and validate data.


Our experience and expertise provides a reassurance for an accurate and successful transfer of data from the old to the new system.